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I am presently retired with a stable income.  That said, I have a bit of extra cash not accruing any interest and am considering a Vanguard mutual fund…VTSMX.  My time horizon for this fund is 5-10 years…and I'm moderate to aggressive in terms of risk.

It will not be sheltered in any retirement tax deferred plan…and simply subject to taxes.

It is money I can afford to risk in the stock market which is why I'm leaning toward the total market index versus a SP500 Index fund.

Any thoughts whatsoever will be appreciated.

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My only thought is that if you have a lot of money to spare, you spring for more than one fund. Just to make things more interesting--and to diversify more. An emerging markets fund...a fixed-income fund... whatever.

The fund you have in mind has over 3,000 U.S. stocks and gets four stars from M*. With your 5-10 year time horizon, your money seems safe enough. Unless the bottom drops out of the market at the last minute....

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