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I'm 61 and recently balanced my portfolio of mutual funds to be about 40% in bond funds, the rest in regular mutual funds. I don't really live off these funds, not yet anyway, but will have to in 4-5 years. So I felt I needed to protect myself in case of another huge crash and got less aggressive. But when I see the market go way up like it has, and my bond funds are earning little to none compared to the other funds with big earnings, I think of how much fatter my portfolio would be right now if I hadn't put that much in the bond funds. Did I make a mistake and should have waited before getting as conservative?


It sounds like you regret the decision you made to reduce equity exposure to buy more bonds.  Asset allocation decisions should be largely based on one's risk tolerance.  Your risk tolerance was ow which prompted you to make the changes.  I don't think this is a mistake, given your risk tolerance and your age.  One might argue that your allocation to stocks is still too high given your age.

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