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Hi Warren,
When I was 22 (5 years ago) I asked you for advice to invest $15,000, now my savings have exceeded $100,000 via constant savings & investment in index noload mutual funds thanks to your help & advice. Now can you tell me any good advice on how to improve my investment returns, and where I can read more and learn about buying shares in individual companies like for example KO, & BRK.

Hi Jim--

Why screw around with success?
Why not continue your winning streak with no-load index funds?

Well, if you want more risk and possibly more reward, and want to buy individual stocks, SUBSCRIBE TO A NEWSLETTER. The Value Line Investment Survey is very good--you can read it in a library if it's too expensive. And Morningstar Stock Investor is worthwhile, too.

The best advice I've received about investing in stocks rather than funds is: Invest in stocks only if you know something about those stocks that other investors don't.

Check with me in another 5 years. I'd like to know how you made out.


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