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What do you think of 'asset allocation funds' sold through companies like Transamerica and others? I'm told they invest in dozens of mutual funds and are managed for the client by Morningstar managers...compared to someone like myself who invests in about 10 mutual funds and monitors them myself. If I see a fund is tanking bad for a long time, I get advice from my broker at Fidelity on if I should trade it. The charge for a managed asset allocation fund product would be a alot, a one time 3% fee of my assets. I doubt I'll do it, but I got the impression that someone doing it themselves is now considered passe or old school, compared to the other approach, is that true? Thanks

Dear Lee:

I would avoid the asset allocation funds. Too expensive.

You would probably be better off subscribing to a newsletter that gives you guidance.

One is published for investors who specialize in Vanguard funds.

The No-Load fund investor is another possibility.

Good luck!


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