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Hi Devendra,

I earn Rs.20,000/- per month. I want to start investing in mutual fund. Previously, for learning purpose, I invested in HDFC TOP 200 fund for six months and earned profit.

Now I want to invest for one year. Please help me choose good funds. Is HDFC TOP 200 still good? I want SIP open-ended scheme.

Hi Rohit,
Thank you for your question and Sorry for late reply.
HDFC Top 200 is good fund. But revise your horizon period for investing since SIP (even Mutual Fund) is long term investment. You had good profit because when you started investing; next six months market was rise and you had profit. Do SIP for at least for 5 to 10 years or go on further.
You can do SIP in Reliance regular saving fund – Equity option, Franklin blue chip fund or multi cap fund, SBI midcap fund etc. but better to do SIP in one or two funds only.
Hope this is helps.
Thank you,
Happy Investing……
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