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I only dabbled in the stock market the past couple years and probably broke even. I have a few thousand to invest again and was wondering what you think is the safest/most profitable way to do so. I know those words don't belong in the same sentence because if there were such a thing, everyone would be rich!

I don't know what mutual funds are exactly, but they aren't too risky, are they?

I could always scan the web and see what people are saying about various funds, stocks, etc. but I wanted to know if you have any solid ideas of where to invest $5000 or less. And in a very short time frame. We are thinking of moving from Chicago and expect to be in Florida by this time next year so my time frame to invest this money is only around 10-12 months. Are there any specific mutual funds or stocks you can recommend?

At the end of the day, I realize you are only giving me your opinion and I am putting in writing here that I will NOT hold you to anything and not expect to profit from any advise you give me.


If you have only a year before you'll need your money, be wary of stocks. You might consider a one-year CD.

My own recommendation would be T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income. A mutual fund that buys various types of bond funds--and a small amount of stocks--maybe 12% of the portfolio. Rated average by Morningstar. Has returned around 5% a year. $2500 minimum. 800-638-5660.

RPSIX is symbol.

Good luck!  

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