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How is the break even price determined for both a mutual fund with a front end and a back end sales fee of 3%?

For example, if a $1000.00 purchase is made for a mutual fund with a 3% sales charge upon the sale of some of all of the shares, what should the amount in the account be so that there is not loss from the sale because the investor will be losing 3% of the $1000.00 ($30.00) upon the sale of the $1000.00?

I thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your query.  You may want to look into the respective prospectus.  Each and every mutual fund has one unique to it.  Any charge or fee is fully disclosed in it.  Good luck. If you do not have a prospectus, your investment adviser or registered rep would certainly be able to furnish you with one.  

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