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MySQL/Attendance based on Login Time


Hi Stuart,

I have prepared a database to capture Login Time and logout time for People to use across several units. Every one from Team will open the database to capture the time.

Now I need to update the table with present or absent automatically when they login the system , and also
For example, If an employee is absent and when supervisor opens the admin Form, it should ask about every employee whether he is planned leave or unplanned leave in msgbox.
if he click Yes then it should update planned leave in database for that employee.
 Is that possible ?

Dear Sir

Yes all of this is possible, This however would be a little to much for me to put in here as I would end up writing the code and this is only ment to be for answering questions.

updating the database when a user logs in is simple, with regards to the supervisor logging in I assume that he or she would be the last to login? and once logged in I would suggest presenting the supervisor with a jQuery dynamic popup form showing a list of staff that have not logged in as of yet and have a checkbox next to each name to give the option of planned leave. on the form submit the jQuery popup box would disappear.

If you would like help writing this then please let me know


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