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MySQL/Inserting Data to MySQL Server


I want to connect my .net window application to remote mysql server runs on linux.

I ask to my hosting company to configure my server so that I can connect .net window application to mysql server but they are saying-
.net application doesn't works/connect with the linux server and the port no. 3306 is already is in the allowed list of the firewall.

Is that true? If yes then what is the best solution to connect my .net window application to remote MySql server or what should I ask my hosting company to do for me.

I've not used .net but if you can telnet to port 3306 from your app server to the db server, you should be able to connect to the database through the application as well.

If telnet fails, you should inform the hosting company about this. There may be a software firewall on the db server itself where you would need to open port 3306. alternately, you can shutdown your software firewall.


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