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MySQL/database design and coding for Front-End Web Developer



I am a Front-End Web Developer (so I do the HTML, CSS and Javascript of a website). I consider my knowledge of database to be basic, since I took only 1 database subject in college and know how to fetch data through PHP.

I built a website for a client that was fairly simple (it contained information only). Now he wants to add a database to store user information in it. The website was built using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and no Content Management System was used.

How can I get started with designing and building a database for my website?

Thank you



PS: you can redirect me to a good website or book that discusses the same issue. I know programming so don't mind technical language.


This is not a problem, however I would need to know a lot more of what the client wants and I can pretty much write the database for you explaining how and why we got there so you understand.

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Thanks for your answer, Stuart.

The website has a log in and a sign up button. Just to make things simple, when the user signs up, he/she should enter name, email address, password and a code (this code can be anything, e.g. x15454s, 55484asdf etc). The email address and code should be unique values.


email id1
code id2

Would that be enough info to get started?

Also, would PHP and mysql be enough to write a database?

I know PHP and mysql (college level), but I never put it in a website myself.

Thank you


A website login has a complex side but nothing I cannot guide you through.

Yes php and mysql are perfect for this.

What is the code value for?

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QUESTION: Hello, Stuart

Code value can be any value.

For simplicity let's say it can be a string made up of any alphanumeric characters, say anything between 5 - 8 characters (e.g. 34sd312a)

Would that be ok?


i undersand it can be any value but what is the point of the code value. Does this have any dependancy on the user login or not. In order for the script i would need to know if and how the code value intends to be used.

I write a large number of secure login sctipts each month and i would write this one using php. Php sessions and mysql database using md5 sum for the password.  


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