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MySQL/Where to study?


I'm looking to become qualified in skills listed below :

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL.

What kind of university degree or course should I study to become recognized as qualified in these areas?

What about a Software or Computer Science degree, will it achieve this?

Dear Michael

The really are not any course that cover all of these areas. The best option would be an open university open degree. This will allow you to take individual course and link them to your degree. The course really only do cover the basics.

Course such as web application development. It gives 60 points to you degree but covers html, css and a little javascript. they also have some other course that cover the basics in mysql php and coldfusion.

When applying for jobs in these areas they do go of experience and website examples. If you do not have a website example covering these they will hesitate to even consider you.

You will also need sever knowledge, pretty much all jobs now require this, and good knowledge in linux and server optimisation. There are no course that cover this. Most jobs will require a short test that covers this and some coding. In order to get a good working knowledge of linux and servers you will need a hosting company that will help teach you and give you advice and help. This is normally only managed servers but a company called have vps accounts at 13.99 per month and offer fantastic support to help you learn mysql and server optimisation, linux command line programming and more.

I hope this information helps  


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My experiance is all first had as I am web developer and I have, and do build many websites all using php and mysql. This ranges from building a simple search engine to secure php login scripts. Some websites like are complete database driven websites.

I have a large number of websites which I host and maintain, such as.

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