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hello,can you help me resolve the problem around my wamp server?i have already configured it and it working rightly.i use dreamweaver cs5 with it,i have define wampserver on it.but,my problem is whenever i work code of mysql or php on my define dreamweaver cs5 page it would not just seems the wampserver does not process it,it would just display it directly in the wampserver the way i write it in the dreamweaver without processing it please is there any thing still need to be done or how it should be done?i would appreciate it if my questions is being considered and responded to in good time.thanks for your patience.

Dear Sir

I have not had to much to deal with in relation to wamp servers. From the experience I have had they can be very problematic on a daily basis. windows never made a good server environment. Pretty much all good hosting companies now use linux based servers with centos 6 and cpanel. This creates a very stable environment and can be set up on a home pc within an hour.

please see for information and help building a home or office web server. The book there helps you to create a data center standard vps or dedicated server. if you only have one pc this can be split in just a few minuets to be a home pc and a vps server to use as a testing environment so that linux and centos can be installed along with php and mysql

If you want a server but are not sure about running one from home please see for the UK's cheapest and most reliable servers.

As you need a very quick answer this is what I can offer. If you are sure you only want a wamp server I can ask one of my colleagues to look into this matter tomorrow as he deals with all the windows servers.


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