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MySQL/PHP/mysql and front-end


Hello, stuart gregory

I have a website built using PHP/mysql. What technique would you choose to fetch the data from database to front-end?

I am familiar with RESTful API services, and so far I've been using those to fetch data from the server into the front-end. However, I got a website built in PHP and would like to know what is the best way to fetch data to the front-end.

Thank you



PS: I am a front-end developer ( html, css and javascripts are my strength ), I was asked to join a project, which is a website mainly built using PHP/mysql. Now, I'd like to have a better idea on how server to client communication works on a PHP/mysql website.

Dear Sir

PHP is the most common programming language now and there are thousands of websites offering support and tutorials for almost every aspect you want to do.

I have offered a very simple php/mysql connection and a very simple select statement below to connect to the database, select users first and last name and the show the results to the page.

page called test.php

//lets connect to the database server

  define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
   define('DB_USER', 'database_username');  //change this to your username
   define('DB_PASSWORD', 'database_password');  //change this to your password
   define('DB_DATABASE', 'your database_name'); //change this to your database
     //Connect to mysql server
  $link = mysql_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);
  if(!$link) {
     die('Failed to connect to server: ' . mysql_error());
  //Select database
  $db = mysql_select_db(DB_DATABASE);
  if(!$db) {
     die("Unable to select database");

//we are now connected to the database so lets select the results

//i have assumed the database table holds a cell called firstname, and lastname
//i have also assumed the database table is called members

//not:   * means all so SELECT * FROM means SELECT ALL FROM

$qry = "SELECT * FROM members";
$result = mysql_query($qry);
while ($info = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
      $firstname = $info['firstname'];
      $lastname = $info['lastname'];

echo "$firstname $lastname";  //the term echo is used to display this to the page
echo "<br />";  

} //close of while loop


end of page test.php

the out come above would select members firstname and lastname from the datbase table members and show the results on a new line, so say 10 names in the table, would outcome 10 lines with each name on a new line.

There are lots of options we could add a WHERE clause, so WHERE age is 22 and this would show only the members names who's age is 22.

Depending on your table content we could use a different clause.

I hope this helps giving you the basic understanding of selecting and displaying data


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