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HI Nancy,

I have total of 7 days in Mayanmar. I will go to Yangon,then to Mandalay back to Yangon.

What can I do if I want to spend 4 days in Mandalay?
I like to visit the main Pagoda, jade market, art and craft area.
I plan to go this June (raining session)

Should I go to Yangon then book a local tour to Mandalay.  Or Shoudl I travel by coach to Mandalay or by flight ?

Please advise.


Hi, Leonard and my apologies for getting back to you so late, but I forgot to enter a vacation for our American holiday.
Four days in Mandalay . .. easy, there's a lot to do, though what you do may depend on your interests.  I always like to spend a day in Sagaing across the river.  A lovely town with many nunneries and monasteries that are constantly having ceremonies . . . a real fairy tale of a place.  The boat trip to Mingun is fun and the "ruin" of the gigantic pagoda are impressive.  Taking a horse cart around Ava is a lovely day (and you can take a tiny boat back and forth from Sagaing from here).  There's another area outside Mandalay for watching them make filigreed silver . . . our the amazing acheik sarongs of up to 100 spools of silk (an old royal court art for the Burmese and N. Thais).  In Mandalay proper, the shrine of Mahamuni is a complex and a sensation.  Mandalay hill has a beautiful view.  You can visit the restored palace complex.  See artisans casting bronze buddhas and hti ("umbrellas" for the top of pagodas).  The beating of gold into gold leaf is fascinating.  The ancient all wood temple is lovely.  Personally, I'd eat a native meal a classic Burmese restaurant, I believe the one I like is called Pakkoku Daw Malay (but warning, the food will have the local fish paste called "nyapi" in it.
As far as a tour, I prefer to go independent, but Diethelm is always good.  For getting there, the train is an experience, but at least 13 hours, so I'd recommend flying since you're short on time.
Have fun!
Nancy B

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