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My husband and I plan to go to Burma and spend 3 weeks in total before flying to Laos.
Where are the places we should go during these 3 weeks? Do I need to book hotel in advance or just walk in?
What kind of cheap hotel or guesthouse you can recommend ?
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Hi, Vandy,
Sorry for the delay . . . in a now artic zone of the States and plagued with cars not starting etc.  But the more specific you can be, the more we can help you.  Where you go depends on what your interests are.  If I knew these, I could tell you better.  I don't even know when you plan to go, which can affect choices severly (like not going to Mrauk-U during rainy season).  I'd recommend looking at my past posts for more exact routing, but just as a beginner's primer, I'd go to Yangon, Inle Lake (probably Nyaungshwe, and boat around from there), Mandalay (and I like to stay in Sagaing), Pagan, and Pyay on the way back.  With travel time that breaks out as approx. 3 days in Yangon, 4 in Inle, 4 in Mandalay, 4 in Pagan, and 2 in Pyay.  You could stop at Ngapali or further south if you want some beach time.  Or go to fascinating Mawlaymine in the south.  You probably don't have time for Mrauk-U unless the road is open from Salay.
These days, Myanmar's quite popular, so I would recommend if possible, setting up accommodations, if not in advance, then right when you arrive.  You can try Beautyland (2 locations) for a reasonable decent guesthouse (backpacker style) . . . or if by reasonable you mean approx. $20-30 USD, there are many choices depending if you want to be downtown (which I prefer) or in the Kandawgyi Lake or Happy Valley area.
Personally, I find Myanmar much more varied and fascinating than lovely, laid-back Laos:-).
Take care,

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One of my all-time favorites. I`ve been there more than 10 times (for at least a month each time), done the tourist loop five times and travelled to several permit-only areas. Aside from the Yangon, Bago, Inle, Kalaw, Mandalay, Pagan, Pyay route, I`ve travelled twice to Sittwe, Mrauk-U and the Chin areas and then down to Ramree Island, Ngapali and Pathein. Been on the wonderful boat from Bhamo to Mandalay and sojourned in the south a bit past Moulmein. Most recently I trekked in the northern Kachin state, camped and stayed with the Rawang tribe, for 2 weeks on the way to Phonekan Razi to see the Himalayas from the east. I`ve taken nearly every mode of transport--trains, planes, buses, boats, bikes, oxcarts, trekking on foot. I can answer logistical questions about airfare, hotels, restaurants, trekking, trains, restricted/open areas and, especially, cultural/religious sites and their significance.


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