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I plan to travel between Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan,Inle lake) and Laos (Luang Prabang) in October 2014.

Is there a possibility for foreigners to cross the border overland between these two countries? I will likely cross from Myanmar to Laos so, would visa on arrival be available for Laos at the land crossing. I have an Indian passport and require visas for both countries.


Hi, Deepti and sorry for the delay.  This is a bit tricky.  As far as I know with certainty, no, it is not possible.  But I have been told the following.  Though I wouldn't bet on it.:

"It is now possible to cross overland from Tachilek in Burma to Mae Sai in Thailand and Xieng Kok in Laos. While the former has been possible for some time, the crossing into Laos is new. To use the crossing, do the following:
1) Visit the MTT office in Rangoon or Mandalay at least ten days before your intended crossing and arrange a permit (which costs US$50).
2) They will then fax the details of the permit to the Tachilek MTT office.
3) When you arrive in Tachilek, go to the MTT office (T: (084) 51 023) which is located near the bridge and pick up the permit.
4) You'll then have to pay another US$15 for an official "guide" who will take you either to the Thai border at Mae Sai or across to the Mekong River at Wan Pasak.
5) Once at Wan Pasak you can take a boat to Xieng Kok."

Even the air route is questionable.  Lao Airlines announced in March of last year that they would fly Vientiene and Luang Prabang to Myanmar, and in October they said they were not starting the service as planned and had to look at the profitability.  So it's anyone's guess.  It's not on their booking roster (at least from overseas).

So if you really want to try it, I would contact the MTT (government run Myanmar Travel & Tours).  You'll pay more and it will be "official" but it's possible it can be done and MTT is not as scary as they used to be.

You'll get your Myanmar visa either on arrival or at the embassy in advance.  My guess is if you get to the Lao border, they won't be too picky about it, but check with a Lao expert about a visa at Xieng Kok.
Good luck!
Nancy B

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