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In the book "The Deer Leap", the last page really has me puzzled. I can't figure out if the character Carrie Fleet dies, or is taken to the hospital and gets better. Naturally, I'm in favor of the latter, since she is such a nice, caring young lady. This is my first experience with a Jury novel where I can't figure out the ending. I'd appreciate any insight you may be able to give me on this question. Thank you.

Dear Preston:

 The ending of The Deer Leap was a cross between enigmatic and contrived.Unfortunately after the evil and psychotic Ruth Lister met her demise,it was Carrie Fleet, who I was happy to see emerge, that became the final victim. I believe that Carrie accepted her death with peace and dignity.As with other Jury novels, some characters do reoccur and if Carrie would have recovered,Martha Grimes would have had some carry over in a future exploit. So my conclusion when I read this was one of finality and I am sorry to convey the bad news, because I felt the same way.
 The Deer Leap and one other book with a strange ending (I Am The Running Footman)are curious anomalies in an otherwise fine series. I would recommend if you want to keep reading the Richard Jury series that you begin with the first one "The Man with a Load of Mischief" and at least read the next four "The Old Fox Deceiv'ed (one of my personal favorites), The Anondyne Necklace, The Dirty Duck and Jerusalem Inn. I like the way the names of inns are intertwined with the mystery plots and you will be able to see the transition of the various characters (Richard Jury and Melrose Plant in particular)
 If you enjoy the literate English mystery with a touch of both the whimsical and the  bizarre, I would also recommend Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse-13 books) Ngaio marsh (Inspector Roderick Allyn - 32 books) or Reginald Hill (Dalziel (pronounced Deal) and Pascoe- 24 books.
 But start with the beginning books in the Martha Grimes series and the style will be less of a puzzlement.
 I hope this answer helps you as well as the encouragement to keep on persevering with the series. If I can help you further, do not hesitate to write me again.

 Take care and God bless you,
 Bruce Simon  

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