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I looking to add to my collection of detective/mystery style books, I enjoy books by modern authors like Stephen J Cannell, Michael Connelly, JC Freedman, John Lescroart, James Patterson
& Stuart Woods.
Don't care for Lee Childs, John Connelly, Clive Cussler, WEB Griffin, Greg Iles, Jonathan Kellerman, Dean Koontz, Steve Martini, Brad Meltzer, Robert Parker, Ed McBain, Robert Parker,
Richard North Patterson, Ridley Pearson, Lawrence Sanders,
John Sandford, Peter Straub, Robert K Tanenbaum, Scott Turow,
Stephen White or any Female Authors.
Can you recommend other writers in the same vain as my favorites ?
Thanks For Your Time...

ANSWER:  Dear John:

   Actually your request is not that difficult and i believe I can come up with several possible writers which you may enjoy.

  Randy Wayne White is a former fly fishing guide from Florida. His detective is "Doc" Ford,a cynical, solitary marine biologist living off of Sanibel island- similar to John D McDonald

  Doc Ford
1. Sanibel Flats (1990)
2. The Heat Islands (1992)
3. The Man Who Invented Florida (1993)
4. Captiva (1996)
5. North of Havana (1997)
6. The Mangrove Coast (1998)
7. Ten Thousand Islands (2000)
8. Shark River (2001)
9. Twelve Mile Limit (2002)
10. Everglades (2003)
11. Tampa Burn (2004)
12. Dead of Night (2005)
13. Dark Light (2006)
14. Hunter's Moon (2007)
15. Black Widow (2008)
16. Dead Silence (2009)
17. Deep Shadow (2010)
18. Night Vision (2011)
19. Chasing Midnight (2012)
20. Night Moves (2013)
21. Bone Deep (2014)
22. Cuba Straits (2015

 William Bernhardt is legal thriller writer living in the Oklahoma area. His chief protagonist is Ben Kincaid, a disillusioned young lawyer dedicated to balancing the scales of justice.

Ben Kincaid
1. Primary Justice (1991)
2. Blind Justice (1992)
3. Deadly Justice (1993)
4. Perfect Justice (1994)
5. Cruel Justice (1996)
6. Naked Justice (1997)
7. Extreme Justice (1998)
8. Dark Justice (1999)
9. Silent Justice (2000)
10. Murder One (2001)
11. Criminal Intent (2002)
12. Death Row (2003)
13. Hate Crime (2004)
14. Capitol Murder (2006)
15. Capitol Threat (2007)
16. Capitol Conspiracy (2008)
17. Capitol Offense (2009)
18. Capitol Betrayal (2010)
What We're Here For (2014)
Yuletide Justice (2014)
After Hours (2014)
Rough Justice (2014)

 I would also recommend his 1990 book called Nemesis- The Final Case of Eliot Ness.

Stuart Kaminsky- take your pick 5 different series- five different brands of detective

 Toby Peters- 1940 hapless private detective employed by Warner Brothers to investigate any type of threats against movie stars- funny, sarcastic and satirical

Toby Peters
1. Bullet for A Star (1977)
2. Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (1978)
3. You Bet Your Life (1978)
4. The Howard Hughes Affair (1979)
5. Never Cross a Vampire (1980)
6. High Midnight (1981)
7. Catch A Falling Clown (1982)
8. He Done Her Wrong (1983)
9. The Fala Factor (1984)
10. Down for the Count (1985)
11. The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance (1986)
12. Smart Moves (1987)
13. Think Fast, Mr. Peters (1988)
14. Buried Caesars (1989)
15. Poor Butterfly (1990)
16. The Melting Clock (1991)
17. The Devil Met A Lady (1993)
18. Tomorrow is Another Day (1995)
19. Dancing in the Dark (1996)
20. A Fatal Glass of Beer (1997)
21. A Few Minutes Past Midnight (2001)
22. To Catch a Spy (2002)
23. Mildred Pierced (2003)
24. Now You See It (2004)

Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov- a Moscow based policeman who is a secret dissident at heart against Communism- great overview of Russian life pre- Glasnost and leading to the fall of Communism

Inspector Rostnikov
1. Rostnikov's Corpse (1981)
    aka Death of a Dissident
2. Black Knight in Red Square (1984)
3. Red Chameleon (1985)
4. A Cold Red Sunrise (1988)
5. A Fine Red Rain (1987)
6. The Man Who Walked Like A Bear (1990)
7. Rostnikov's Vacation (1991)
8. Death of A Russian Priest (1992)
9. Hard Currency (1995)
10. Blood and Rubles (1996)
11. Tarnished Icons (1997)
12. The Dog Who Bit A Policeman (1998)
13. Fall of A Cosmonaut (2000)
14. Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express (2001)
15. People Who Walk in Darkness (2008)
16. A Whisper to the Living (2009)

Abe Lieberman- older Chicago based detective who still clings to shreds of idealism
Abe Lieberman
1. Lieberman's Folly (1991)
2. Lieberman's Choice (1993)
3. Lieberman's Day (1994)
4. Lieberman's Thief (1995)
5. Lieberman's Law (1996)
6. The Big Silence (2000)
7. Not Quite Kosher (2002)
8. The Last Dark Place (2004)
9. Terror Town (2006)
10. The Dead Don't Lie (2007

The Rockford Files-old time private eye throwback at its best

The Green Bottle (1996)
Devil on My Doorstep (1998)

Lew Fonseca- former legal researcher who drops out of life following the death of his wife, but reluctantly re-enters the social mainstream
Lew Fonesca
1. Vengeance (1999)
2. Retribution (2001)
3. Midnight Pass (2003)
4. Denial (2005)
5. Always Say Goodbye (2006)
6. Bright Futures (2009

Do not omit David Baldacci from any consideration. He is reliable as far as suspense.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell-two Secret Service agents with checkered pasts

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell
1. Split Second (2003)
2. Hour Game (2003)
3. Simple Genius (2007)
4. First Family (2009)
5. The Sixth Man (2011)
6. King and Maxwell (2013

The Camel Club- It exists at the fringes of Washington, D.C., has no power, and consists solely of four eccentric and downtrodden members whom society has forgotten. Their simple goal is to find the "truth" behind their country's actions

Camel Club
1. The Camel Club (2005)
2. The Collectors (2004)
3. Stone Cold (2007)
4. Divine Justice (2008)
5. Hell's Corner (2010

John Puller- combat veteran and military investigator
1. Zero Day (2011)
2. The Forgotten (2012)
3. The Escape (2014)

Will Robie- CIA hitman with a heart nobody sees
1. The Innocent (2012
2. The Hit (2013)
3. Bullseye (2014)
4. The Target (2014

Stand alone novels

Absolute Power (1996)
Total Control (1996)
The Winner (1997)
The Simple Truth (1998)
Saving Faith (1999)
Wish You Well (2000)
Last Man Standing (2001)
The Christmas Train (2002)
True Blue (2009)
No Rest for the Dead (2011) (with Jeff Abbott, Lori Armstrong, Sandra Brown, Thomas H Cook, Jeffery Deaver, Diana Gabaldon, Tess Gerritsen, Andrew F Gulli, Lamia Gulli, Peter James, J A Jance, Faye Kellerman, Raymond Khoury, John Lescroart, Jeff Lindsay, Gayle Lynds, Alexander McCall Smith, Phillip Margolin, Michael Palmer, T Jefferson Parker, Matthew Pearl, Kathy Reichs, Marcus Sakey, Jonathan Santlofer, Lisa Scottoline, R L Stine and Marcia Talley)
One Summer (2011)
Memory Man (2015

Joseph Finder is a versatile novelist writing on espionage and international affairs

Nick Heller is a high powered investigator with a corporate intelligence firm.

Nick Heller
1. Vanished (2009)
2. Buried Secrets (2011)
2. Plan B (2011

Stand alone novels

Red Carpet (1983)
The Moscow Club (1991)
Extraordinary Powers (1994)
The Zero Hour (1996)
High Crimes (1998)
Paranoia (2004)
Company Man (2005)
    aka No Hiding Place
Killer Instinct (2006)
Power Play (2007)
Suspicion (2014)
The Fixer (2015

I will start you off with choices that run the gamut in both detective exploits and legal adventures. If you want anymore,I still have quite a few more I can recommend.Do not hesitate to write me again.

Have a blessed day and it was fun researching your request,
Bruce Simon

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QUESTION: Wow & Thanks So Much !
Lets take them one at a time so you can
have a more concise view of my dislikes;
Randy White-prefer big city novels,
William Bernhardt-on my no list,
Stuart Kaminsky-no witty or espionage novels,
David Baldacci-on my no list,
Joseph Finder-no espionage novels.
That eliminates all of the above, so I
hope you will send me some more names
but, eliminating those within the above criteria's.
Don't know if you remember the 'Mission Impossible'
tv show, in the first season staring Steven Hill
there was a bit of humor/witticism in the plots, so
the show wasn't too successful, but then they
bought in Peter Graves, eliminated the humor
& went on to be great, that's the kind of
suspense, seriousness I enjoy in a book.

Dear John:

   I still have some new authors in my infinite bag of tricks. See if you might like some of these which i will recommend. Incidentally I have all of the Mission Impossible CDs because I do prefer retro TV. So I will come at you with these recommendations.

Lawrence Block- not the brooding Matt Scudder but the intrepid Bernie Rhodenbarr, prince of Thieves. These are pure fun.

 Bernie Rhodenbarr
1. Burglars Can't Be Choosers (1977)
2. The Burglar in the Closet (1978)
3. The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (1979)
4. The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (1980)
5. The Burglar Who Painted like Mondrian (1983)
6. The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (1994)
7. The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (1995)
8. The Burglar in the Library (1997)
9. The Burglar in the Rye (1999)
10. The Burglar on the Prowl (2004)
11. The Burglar Who Counted The Spoons (2013)
The Burglar Who Dropped in on Elvis (1999)
The Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries: Volume One (omnibus) (2011)
Like a Thief in the Night (2011)
The Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries (2011)
The Bernie Rhodenbarr Mysteries: Volume Two (omnibus) (2011)
The Burglar Takes a Cat (2013

Donald Westlake-John Dortmunder and his motley team of true challenged hoodlums

1. The Hot Rock (1970)
2. Bank Shot (1972)
3. Jimmy the Kid (1974)
4. Nobody's Perfect (1977)
5. Why Me? (1983)
6. Good Behavior (1986)
7. Drowned Hopes (1990)
8. Don't Ask (1993)
9. What's the Worst That Could Happen? (1996)
10. Bad News (2001)
11. The Road to Ruin (2004)
12. Watch Your Back! (2005)
13. What's So Funny? (2007)
14. Get Real (2009)
Thieves' Dozen (2004

Loren Estleman- Amos Walker is a Detroit detective, who drinks too much, broods too much,but tracks relentlessly.

Amos Walker
1. Motor City Blue (1980)
2. Angel Eyes (1981)
3. The Midnight Man (1982)
4. The Glass Highway (1983)
5. Sugartown (1984)
6. Every Brilliant Eye (1986)
7. Lady Yesterday (1987)
8. Downriver (1988)
9. Silent Thunder (1989)
10. Sweet Women Lie (1990)
11. Never Street (1997)
12. The Witchfinder (1998)
13. The Hours of the Virgin (1999)
14. A Smile on the Face of the Tiger (2000)
15. Sinister Heights (2002)
16. Poison Blonde (2002)
17. Retro (2004)
18. Nicotine Kiss (2006)
19. American Detective (2007)
20. The Left-handed Dollar (2010)
21. Infernal Angels (2011)
22. Burning Midnight (2012)
23. Don't Look For Me (2014)
24. The Sundown Speech (2015)
General Murders: Ten Amos Walker Mysteries (1988)
Amos Walker: The Complete Story Collection (2010)
You Know Who Killed Me (2014

Robert Crais- Elvis Cole, nostalgic private eye with his Disney deco office and his best friend Joe Pike, a brooding veteran of much combat

Elvis Cole
1. The Monkey's Raincoat (1987)
2. Stalking the Angel (1988)
3. Lullaby Town (1992)
4. Free Fall (1993)
5. Voodoo River (1995)
6. Sunset Express (1996)
7. Indigo Slam (1997)
8. L. A. Requiem (1999)
9. The Last Detective (2003)
10. The Forgotten Man (2005)
11. Chasing Darkness (2008)
12. The Sentry (2011)
13. Taken (2012)

Don Winslow- Neal Carey books- an Ivy league grad student who is a novice private eye to repay his student loans

1. A Cool Breeze on the Underground (1991)
2. The Trail to Buddha's Mirror (1992)
3. Way Down on the High Lonely (1993)
4. A Long Walk up the Water Slide (1994)
5. While Drowning in the Desert (1996)

Hope you enjoy this list more. Trust me, I still do have an arsenal for you if you need any additional recommendations LOL

Take care and be blessed,

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