Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns/Bigfoot's kids


JavaBob wrote at 2008-02-24 03:31:04
I am a researcher with Searching for Bigfoot Inc.

We do have have prints from immature creatures.  It is my understanding that there other examples as well.  I have not seen any other examples, but I was present when we cast ours.  We actually came in contact with a family pod of three creatures... A large one we assume was the male, a medium size on that we believe was the female, and a small one.  We have the prints from the female and the young one.

big wrote at 2014-07-25 17:02:44
Well, there *have* been foot prints photographed and even cast in plaster. However, the jury is still out whether they're real or not. Also, I'd point out that plenty of creatures don't leave tracks all over the place. I live on a 150 acre farm, and although we have tons of raccoons, opossums, wild turkeys, deer, coyotes and even a few bobcats, I very rarely see their footprints, other than the deer and raccoons. The deer are the most common, but I've never noticed a bobcat print in spite of having seen the bobcats a couple of times and hearing them fairly often. I hear coyotes every night, but very rarely see them or their tracks.  

Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns

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