Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns/Vampire - Real maybe? ( and unicorns :)


I have so many questions on the topic above! You don't have to answer them all if you do not have time :). So number one is: Are they real? And here are all the rest: Are they immortal? Can they turn humans? Do they have super speed? Do they have super strength Why do they get their nutrience out of blood? Can they heal people with their blood? And now unicorns, it is a really weird sorta topic. And really all I want to know is if they are real, what is the evidence of them, when did they origanate, how long can they live, and are their horns magic? All those questions only go for if they are real or not. :) I know normal horses and do not see how thy can relate to the unicorn besides their looks. :) Thank you so much!

     - Maddy

That's a more complicated question than you might think.  Before it can really be answered, you have to define what a vampire IS.  If you mean the vampires of fiction, or the vampires of folklore (risen, demon-possessed corpses and hungry ghosts), then no.  There's no evidence to suggest such things exist (and if folklore vampires did exist, you definitely would not want to meet one - nothing appealing there at all, in a bloated corpse that drains the life out of people!)

However, if you're talking about human living vampires, those people definitely exist.  These are folks who find that their health suffers if they don't ingest blood, or take psychic energy, from other people.  Are they immortal?  Certainly not.  Can they turn folks into vampires?  Some of them can, but why the heck anyone would ever want such a thing isn't very clear - the drawbacks certainly seem to outweigh any possible benefits.  They don't have super speed, and they don't have super strength.  Most of them do have psychic skills (but so do many non-vampires).  

They don't know why they need to feed; they have only a bunch of hypotheses and personal beliefs on the issue, which range from medical to metaphysical.  No one's actually put them under the microscope, scientifically speaking, to try to find out. (And contrary to what you might find claimed by some, there's no psychological disorder they've been diagnosed with, either - Renfield's Syndrome doesn't actually exist, it was made up).

Can they heal people with their blood?  No.  Some vampires can heal people psychically, but it's rare for this ability to be at a level impressive enough to attract attention.  No instant wound-healing going on out there; that stuff is all fiction.

The story behind unicorns is even sadder.  When travelers bring back stories of strange beasts they encountered on other continents, these were often embellished.  Tracing them back to their origins reveals that the Unicorn was first described as the most ferocious of beasts, powerfully built, with a tail like a lion.  Of course, it was a real animal.  This animal's horn is sadly in demand for its supposed magical properties to this day... it is a rhinoceros.  

Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns

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