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My name is Audrey, I am in sixth grade and I think I might be psychic. I think this because every once and a while I stare off into space and I see (in my head) something. I don't usually know what it means until I have experienced what I saw or right before it. For example:
A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend and we were doing are homework when I had the vision. I couldn't hear anything, I just saw it, and I didn't know what it meant except for that I threw flour at my friend and her dad came home early. Then later my friend asked if I wanted to make cookies, and I said yes. When we were putting them on the cookie sheet, I accidentally dropped cookie batter on floor and so then she threw flour at me, like I had seen. Then after that I told her about what I had seen. Later, when we were cleaning up the flour, I said, thats funny when I saw this happening, I saw your dad coming home early. Then five minutes later we see her dad pulling into the drive way. Those kind of things have been happening lately. So I want to know if I really am psychic, please don't think I'm crazy.

It sounds like it's a strong possibility.  I recommend that you keep a journal.  Whenever you have a vision, write down what you saw.  You will be able to find out how often you are right.  

These abilities usually run in families, but very few people work to develop them and make them stronger, or learn to control them.  (In other words, one or both of your parents may also have abilities, but not necessarily the same ones you have).  You probably do have other 'psychic' abilities as well, but you might not recognize them for what they are.

Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns

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