Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns/Spirit/Ghost Boxes?


I am sure you are familiar with these devices. At first they were expensive and you only saw them on shows like Ghost Adventures, now they are a lot cheaper, you can buy, and put a video on youtube.
They almost seem too good to be true. Intelligent answers from distinct voices. Are these things the real deal? If so, are they spirit voices or demonic? Will they become the new ouija boards?
I have an open mind, and I think it is only reasonable to believe that there are other planes or dimensions. Its a scientific fact. If these beings exist, how do they live? Do they eat and drink, sleep, work? Thanks, and best wishes!

If the boxes you're talking about are the ones I think they are, then what they do is cycle rapidly and randomly through a long sound clip of someone speaking.  Each pause is just long enough for one word of the speech to be heard, then it cycles to a different random part of the clip.  The idea is, by influencing the cycling (making it no longer random) spirit entities (and presumably persons) can get the box to produce rational and appropriate sentences.  Quite a trick.

The only real problem with it is, even without any influence, it's going to randomly produce phrases that sound meaningful; so it's not exactly reliable.

Spirit entities are made of an as-yet-unrecognized energy type (or family of energies).  Those energies are what they 'eat.'  A demon would be a type (or a family of types) of spirit entities.  Angels would be another type, fairies another, etc etc etc.  Most of the spirit fauna out there hasn't been described or identified in any coherent way.  Just realize that, just as you can see squirrels and birds outside of your window every day, small spirit entities are just as common.

Mythical Creatures, Bigfoot, Unicorns

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