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Mythology/Greek Goddesses- light hair?


no wrote at 2010-03-27 18:00:58
My husband is 100 percent Greek and is as blond as can be and that the way with his whole family. So yes it is obvious Greeks can be blond the fact that they have to have the dark hair is just an assumption by what you have seen. If you have ever been to Greece there are plenty of shades.

Atlas wrote at 2014-03-14 22:12:30
It is believed that at the time and prior to this period the Greek's and more definitively there northern neighbor's the Macedonian's had a very high incidence of blonde hair, indeed it is now believed by some expert's that queen Cleopatra of Egypt whom was an intermarried pure blood descendant of the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty (descended from the family of one of Alexander the great's general's) was actually very fair haired and likely blue eyed.

An ancient text recovered from the Ethiopian orthodox church and later verified by another copy found at Qumran of the book of Enoch describes the biblical character of Noah as being blond and blue eyed.

The Kurdish people of the middle east are often born with blue or green eyes and even blond hair though this they usually grow out of and it is believed to be recessive genes from there ancestors.

However these strains are separate from the Nordic blond line and probably much more closely related to the Eurasian Tribes.

Most Greek god's were depicted as having golden hair and especially Apollo.

Sadly the racism question does come up but is unrelated to your own question but all that fair hair really is, is the gene which tell's the hair follicle to produce the pigment is actually turned off and it is the same with light skin, it is merely less color produced by the pigment cell's in the skin and was probably an adaptation to lower level's of sunlight exposure as fair skin is more efficient at producing vitamin D in lower light level's.

SO YES. The great statue of Athena the fighter in the Acropolis was supposedly made with pure gold for the hair as was the statue of Zeus.

The Greek's however actually regarded golden hair as something special and most of there cult deity statuary portrayed GOLD not blond hair (there is a distinction), Among many images in the christian orthodox iconography of Constantinople (Today Istanbul) the former seat of the emperors of the eastern roman empire, many figures from saint's to king's are portrayed as golden or blond haired.


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