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Hello! I'm doing a Greek Mythology Project on how it has influenced the modern world and need to interview some experts on the topic and in the field , so thank you for taking time to answering my questions!

Q: What are some different events or items today that were influenced heavily by Greek Mythology?

Q: How much of an impact do you think Greek Mythology has had in the world today?

Q: What are some ethical concerns about Greek Mythology that relate to our time?  

Q: In your opinion what are the most popular myths in Greek Mythology and why?

Q: Why do you think Greek Mythology has had such a lasting influence on the world after thousands of years?

Q: What are the parallels Greek Mythology and the bible have had?

Thank you!

Dear Zhining,

I will be happy to help.

First Question : Greek Mythology can be found in almost anything let me give you a few examples
a. Plays : Greek mythological stories are at the base of the most important theatrical plays and are used continuously in movies cartoons and books (Harry Potter, The Titans movies, Troy and Ulysses 31)
b. Sports : The Olympic Games are still held today and are a sport event of Greek origin to honor the god Zeus. On this sport event all differences between Greek cities and states were deemed non-existent and if cities were at war with one another they left the war until after the games
c. Day to day speech : We still use words that originate from Greek mythological stories. We talk about a muse or a well known psychiatric sickness is called an Oedipus complex and what about the term Achilles heel ?
d. Even in computer science there are Greek mythological references : A special security protocol in Windows is called Kerberos authentication after the dog that gaurds the entrance to Hades (the Greek term for Hell)

Second Question : Without a doubt it has had an immense impact and has left traces everywhere.
Why if I start thinking about it, there are so many references and uses of Greek mythological things / stories and terms that it can be found almost everywhere. It has helped create and describe things we now maybe call by different names

Third Question : Hmm this is a tough question and you should give me a little bit more info on what you mean here please

Fourth Question : This is a great question and I have to answer it is either one of the following three
1. The Odyssey
2. The Trojan War / The Iliad
3. The Story of Deucalion

Now the first two I think you understand why : These were bases for numerous movies, cartoons, games etc
The third however is less known in this form but I think that almost everybody in the Christian World knows the story of The Ark of Noah; well this is the story on which Noah is based

Fifth Question : A number of reasons why Greek mythology has had a major impact
a. Greece still exists and there are an enormous amount of things still to see nowadays that throw us back to that time
b. As said it is the base for a lot of studies nowadays (Biology, Geography etc etc)
c. The Greek empire has had it's time in history and was once an empire that stretched far into India and up to Spain so the influences can be found over an enormous amount of Kilometers
d. The stories were written down before they were lost to time !!!.
e. The stories feature people and gods who have relatable ways of doing things. In the bible God and Jesus are always doing the right thing. The Greek gods are jealous, greedy, angry, in love, false and cunning and hundreds of more things that we are today so we can relate to them more

Last Question : Ah I was wondering when this one would show up.
As I said above the story of Noah is one of the direct links to the bible.
The other way is a parallel in stories about for instance the 7 deadly sins. Although Greek Mythology does not have these numbered as such, the stories in Greek Mythology do go on about these sins maybe not naming them as such but they can be found (Ares and Aphrodite / Lust) (Icarus / pride) (Midas / Greed) (Trojan War / Wrath) (Story of Heracles / Wrath) and so on and so on

I hope I have helped you a little bit although the third question needs some more explanation from your side so I can help you

Don't hesitate to ask me more




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