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Hi. Um, do you know anything about how Dionysus became a god? Thanks for your help. I don't want to use the internet because lots of people put fake stuff there. Thanks for your help!

Hi Enya.

Dionysus was son of Zeus and a mortal woman, Semele, who was tricked by Hera- disguised as her chamber maid- in imposing on her lover to show himself to her in his true form. Zeus had to do so since he wished to fulfill her every wish, but in revealing himself in his ultimate glory as king of the gods, the mortal woman burst into flames! Zeus managed to cut out Semele's child and implanted him inside his lap to continue forming until his birth.
Dionysus was then kept in the tutelage of his elder half-brother Hermes, and was raised by his aunt and uncle as a girl to hide him from Hera's fatal jealousy. In fact Dionysus was considered effeminate, though by no means homosexual. He was once captured by pirates, but he changed them into dolphins and freed himself of them.
He became god of wine making and grape harvest; as well as the drunkenness of excess wine drinking. The bacchanal feasts were held in his honour. Hestia, his half- aunt, gave him her throne on Olympus.

I hope this helps. If you wish more info on the subject, I'd be more than happy to help :)

good luck!


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