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Cerberus figurine
Cerberus figurine  
Hope I could get some ideas. I understand that Cerberus is a mythological creature, but are there any accurate descriptions/ depictions of this dog? I am planning a large bronze statue and if I am going to put this much into the project wanted some "accuracy". If I am unable to get any ideas or references from forums or university scholars, I will fall back on the figurine sculpture attached below.
Is the general consensus that there is no right or wrong depiction?

Hi Brian,

first of what a great idea
second there are some pretty clear description of Cerberus

First of it is a DOG and I am not talking about a normal pooch but a big dog
Nearly as high as Herakles who was 2m and something
Second Cerberus has 3 heads
Third its tail is a snake
Fourth he guards the access into the netherworld (Hades)
Fifth there is a right and a wrong way to depict but as soon as you create a three headed dog, more of the rest is disregarded

Hope this helps




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