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1. What are some main differences between Greek gods and Roman gods?
2. How do people worship the gods today?
3. Are the gods powers designed to make people fearful?
4. How are they represented in astronomy today?
5. What are some of the biggest ways that the gods affected people(both Greek and Roman)?

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lets get started with your question list because you have been waiting long enough

1. actually there is no real difference other than that the Greeks thought differently about gods then the romans did
2. I am not sure if the Greek/roman pantheon is still worshiped but in the old days it was done by burning the best meat in an open fire pit and dashing wine over those offers. The scent would rise up to mount Olympus and the gods would "receive" the offer
3. No their powers were not although some gods had better demeanor than others. That being said they are a bit like normal people in that you have nice and less nice people
4. a lot of Greek myths are used as basis for certain signs in the heavens
Big and little dipper for instance or Sagittarius.
5. The way in which we are officially still influenced by them (Zeus) is through the Olympic Games. The flame needs to be created in Olympia (Greece) every time there are OG. The Olympic Games were instated as a praise to Zeus / Jupiter
The Greeks and Romans would not do anything big in their lives without consulting the gods through augury or an oracle
Hermes was always consulted and prayed to when a dangerous business endeavor was started
Ares was prayed to and got a lot of contributions when war time was upon the Greeks and romans (which was quite often) and so on and so on

I hope I have answered your questions satisfactory, if not do not hesitate to ask more

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