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Dear ,

Kindly find the attached images , i want to know information about this greek god mythology .

Thank you

Hi Tarek,

well this is a rather strange statue since it has features of different characters. There are features of Pan/ satyr, Priapus & possibly the Egyptian Bes.

*Pan was a half-goat god, as were the satyrs, who were known to be sexually active and frolicked a lot with nymphs.
*Priapus was deformed since birth by a curse from Hera, being ugly and having a painfully large ever-erect penis, and he roamed with the satyrs and Pan.
*Bes was part lion, a dwarf and also a fertility symbol sometimes pictured with the erect penis.

I would rule out Bes for the statue looks more goat-like and not as plump as Bes is usually depicted. Pan and the satyrs, although sexually mad and savage, are not usually depicted with the erect penis.

so I would rather go with Priapus, son of Aphrodite and Dionysus.

I hope this helps... if you require any other info on the subject I would be more than glad to help!

best regards,


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