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I am doing a project researching the similarity between the mythology of certain cultures in different area's. One of those is Greek mythology so I would like to ask you some questions:

- Is there more than one creation myth(of men and of the universe) in Greek mythology?

- Are Greek gods and godesses actual persons with bodies (like they are represented) or are they "forces". Or does it differ per god?

- Why did the Romans give different names to the Greek gods and godesses?

- Did Gaia, Tartarus, Erebus, Night and Eros create themselves out of Chaos? Could Chaos be their father?

- Do you think Eros was Aphrodite's son? Or did he exist before her?

- Did the Greek have certain holy fruits or animals?

- How did the golden, silver, bronze and iron age people propagate before there were women?

- Do you think the Greek used myths to explain certain (natural) phenomena?

I hope you will be able to answer some of my questions. Thank you!

Dear Renske,

that sounds like a Dutch name so if need be I can answer your future questions in Dutch,
To answer your questions short and simple

1. No there is only one creation of man myth that I know of
2. In my honest opinion they can be both but they are corporal beings who can project their force when needed
3. Their Greek is not so good and taking over a barbaric (look up the initial translation or meaning) belief would not be a correct roman thing to do
4. I think that it is best to describe them as descendants from Chaos maybe they took form out of chaos but yes Chaos is quoted as being their "Parent"
5. I think his essence or Force existed before Aphrodite but his corporal form is as a son of Aphrodite
6. A lot of Greek gods and goddesses have holy plants and or animals or items here is a short and by no means complete list

oak, eagle : Zeus
rose : Hera
lute larix : Apollo
horse : Poseidon
owl, olive, loom : Aphrodite
grains : Demeter

7. I have never read that the golden silver iron and bronze age people were only male
8. This is what every human being has done throughout the ages so I must say YES furthermore they used them as we now also use the bible (old testament mainly) as a list of lessons for people

I hope this helps you in your project

If you need any other help do not hesitate to contact me again also if you need me to help with comparing


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