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Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos I know as the fates, as far as I'm aware they determine the destiny of every mortal, God and Titan and set them to which path they shall take in life and to how long life shall be but as I research them further to learn more about who they are and where they came from etc I'm getting mixed answers. Some say they pre date the gods and others say they are the daughters of zues?....
I would greatly appreciate your input with regard to they're history and relevance in Greek mythology and of course if my information so far is correct

Many Thanks

Hi Chris,

well first and foremost you must always keep in mind that its quite common for different versions to be told of various characters, especially when it comes to their origin.
You are right, these three sisters are the Fates (or, the Greek version, the Moirai). They are in fact so powerful as to determine the life experience of every being, be it mortal and immortal alike.
there is a habit of making all the relevant deities in Greek mythology as a 'daughter/son of Zeus', but this is not always the case. The Moirai were in fact incarnations of fate/destiny, having lived even before time itself. they are so powerful that not even the all-mighty Zeus could stop their decisions. some had to resort to bribery to try and get their way.
so basically, i only disagree with you on one thing from what you have written; that they were daughters of Zeus- otherwise you're pretty much well informed on Fate :)

any other info you require on this subject, just give me a nudge!



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