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Why did the Greeks worship the gods?
Why did the Greeks think the gods were real?
Did each god have their own power?
Where did the gods live?

Hi Thomas, here are your answers:

1. From the very beginning of humans' existence they felt the need to create a religion due to their belief of a higher entity which looked after them and the world they lived in. the Greeks were no exception, therefore they created their deities so that they may worship and honour them, thanking them for providing them with what they requires and to ask for help when in need.

2. This was because the Greeks created their gods according to their needs. For example, if fishermen caught large amounts of fish or sailors had a good sea voyage, they would thank Poseidon for his kindness and good temper. Women who bore their children in safety would thank Hera for helping them deliver them. So naturally they had to believe what they themselves created.

3. Yes, each and every god, goddess, nymph, minor deity- all had their role and purpose. Some were protectors, others were creations of occurrences.

4. The major gods lived on top of the highest Greek mountain found between Thessaly and Macedonia called Olympos/ Olympus. It has 52 peaks, a perfectly majestic place where the gods could live! As for the minor deities, they lived, or embodied, their significant role. So for example, a minor god of a river would either live in the river, or is the river itself.

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