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I am wondering what reading you would suggest to learn as much as possible about Atlas. Titan Atlas, King Atlas, he seems to have a number of names. There are so many different stories it is hard to sort through. I'm interested in the Atlas who some called the god of astronomy which I believe is depicted by a man (atlas) holding a single or multiple spheres over his head. Maybe they are all the same person and their is one spot to go but if not I'm connected to the astronomy part the most. I can't find much on this "King Atlas" figure from north west Africa who I believe is the one I'm looking for.

One concise reading with a lot of information would be most helpful. I am wanting to do a research report and struggling to find enough clear consolidated information. I'd like info about the story such as things he did, who he was related to and special qualities he had but also the historic and contemporary art bearing his image or name and how they relate. Examples of this would be the piece, the artist, the time period, location of the piece now if it is tangible and any pictorial drawings or symbols relating directly to him.

Printed books or sources are fine, however, if there is an audible source that is much preferred and digital sources would be second. Thank you very much for your time & consideration professor.

Dear Patrick,

as far as I know according to Greek Mythology there are only two stories about Atlas (and one that cannot be united in the same chronological order)

1. In the war between Zeus and Chronos for domination of the earth, Atlas was one of the titans that lead the battle for Chronos as Chronos was very old at the time.
To punish him for this Zeus put him to carry the weight of the heavens.
2. While on his 12 quests Hercules (Heracles) came across Atlas carrying the heavens and Atlas told him he would be able to steal the apples of the Hesperides. Now after Atlas returned to Heracles with the apples, Atlas was about to leave Heracles with the weight of the heavens on his shoulders as Atlas felt relieved of carrying his burden. Heracles tricked Atlas to once more show him how the carrying of the heavens should be done. Atlas was flattered by the way Heracles spoke and took over the weight of the heavens to show it once more. Of course Heracles picked up the apples and left Atlas.

The 3rd and chronological impossible story about Atlas is that he tried to scare away Perseus and because of that Perseus showed him the head of Medusa and Atlas turned into the Atlas Mountain Range in Northern Africa. This story is impossible as the grandson of Perseus is the one who gives Heracles his 12 quests

The other Atlas you could have read about is a son of Poseidon and said to be the king of Atlantis.

The third Atlas you could have read about is King Atlas a mythical King of Mauritania, who supposedly made the first celestial globe.

So if you make your choice to which Atlas you are referring I will try and give some good sources of information

Kind Regards



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