Okay, well, I have a question, because I've tried searching it up, and came upon nothing in which would give me a straight answer. I hope you don't mind me asking, but, here it is.

When the Titans ruled, they threw the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires (The Hundred-Handed Ones) in to Tartarus, but, I'm curious as what other monsters/creatures they threw in there.

Can you give me a few names of the creatures, and if you're able too, tell me why they were thrown into  Tartarus?

Hi Nathan, thanks for choosing me to answer your question.

The Cyclopes & Hekatonkheires  were actually thrown into Tartarus BEFORE the Titans. When Gaea gave birth to them, her brother-husband Ouranos (or Uranus) was disgusted with his sons because of their terrible features, so he ripped open Gaea's womb- therefore creating Tartarus- and threw them back there. The Titans, also Gaea's children by Ouranos, were born later, and because of the creation of Tartarus, Gaea was horrendously hurt both physically and emotionally, and asked any of the Titan brothers to avenge them. The youngest, Kronos, was brave enough to do so and castrated Ouranos with a sickle formed by the metals of Gaea's interior, i.e. from the depths of the earth.

other than the Cyclopes & Hekatonkheires, I do not recall anything else was thrown in there at that moment, but later on it was in Tartarus where Kronos and his followers, and then even further in time the most evil of human mortal wrongdoers (most famous of which are Ixion, Tantalus & Sisyphus), where they were expelled. Tartarus to the Greeks is what we believe to be hell.

I hope this answers your dilemma. for further info please do not hesitate to return back.



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