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I am doing a project and need to interview an Expert.  Can you please answer these questions?
1) Who is your favorite greek god and why?
2) Who is your favorite greek goddess and why?
3) In your point of view, were any of the greek gods evil/bad?
4) Why didn't Zeus and Hera get along?
5) How did you learn about greek mythology?

Dear Kim,

sorry for the late reply
Here goes

1. Well I like Apollo, I think apart from being very respected he also has a great portfolio of might. He has a lot of power (music/poetry and all the other arts) The Sun / Wisdom / Healing so yes I think he is a great god
2. Athena comes to mind directly she is a warrior and a knowledgeable female so I like her as  a goddess also the stories told about Apollo and Athena and the way they act in bigger stories makes me like them

3. Well the good things about the Greek gods is that they were thought of to be just like humans in that they had feelings and could be angry or jealous etc etc. This makes them more believable in my opinion.
To say that for instance Ares the Greek god of War is an evil guy because he is a war god is a little bit to easy to put down. So no I think that it is not possible to state any of the gods are really GOOD or BAD. They had a free will and replied to the things they saw and experienced in their own way

4. Well Zeus and Hera must have gotten along sometimes because Hera is the mother of 3 of Zeus' children so there must have been some getting along. But it can be said that Zeus was not a very true husband and he in fact had many other children with other females and goddesses

5. When I was 5 my father who was very ill and could not walk (MS) started telling my stories about the greek gods and heroes

I hope this helps you

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