I have to do a blog about Greek Mythology and I have to interview an expert. It is for my English class. It is due Friday.

What made you want to be an expert in Greek Mythology?

What is your most favorite myth?

Are there still people that believe in Greek mythology?

Which god do you think had the most influence in Greek Mythology, and Why?

Do you think there are some gods or beasts that has been taken from another religion or folktale in Greek Mythology? Which ones?

Dear Felicia,

sorry for the late reply

to answer your questions

1. Well nothing made me want to be such but after years of reading about them I thought I could share my knowledge. Of course I do love greek (and for that matter any) mythology

2. The myth of Eros and Psyche. In this Eros finally gets a taste of his own medicine and it has all the drama and tragedy and good ending of a real fairy tale

3. In the so many millions of people living on this planet ? I think you could find 1 or 2 but they are scarce (But the main answer would be NO not really)

4. For sure there have been, as the greeks were also influenced by the lands and peoples around them. For instance the sphinx has an appearance in a greek myth Theere is even a myth that talks about the greek gods hiding in Egypt and there becoming well known egyptian gods

I hope this has answered your questions enough

Kind Regards

Frank Terveen


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I am a long time member of mythological creatures here at all experts I specialize in Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology I also have a lot of knowledge of cross over usage of mythology in books and current day affairs


I have been reading almost everything I could find about Norse and Greek mythology since I was seven. I have written a paper about the story of Eros and Psyche I have done extensive research after the parallels between Greek mythology and the bible


I followed a few classes at university about Greek mythology.

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