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Dear Mr Terveen,
I have read a lot about the exploits of Heracles. He just won his battles just because he was strongest man in the then world. My question is, how did Heracles gain his strength? For as far as I know, no other mortal son of Zeus was ever born with such strength.

Dear Adwait,

you are right Heracles is the only one of Zeus' sons that had this enormous strength.
But even with that he was unable to accomplish all his tasks.
Of course it did help a lot but not all of his 12 tasks could be overcome by sheer brute strength.

Apart from the amount of strength he got from being a demi god he was also trained by the centaurs and it could be argued that half men half horse people generally will have more strength.

On the other hand other sons of Zeus were very strong yet we can state Heracles was the strongest

Hope this helps and sorry for the late reply



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