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Mythology/Phallus worship in Ancient Greece


Did Hellenic Greek ever practice phallus worship? I saw a picture, showing sculptures of penises with the heads chopped off, outside a temple. Was that a phallus worship place? And why the heads of sculptures are chopped off?

An explanation I googled stated that during the early years of Christianity, nudity was considered sinful, so a lot of Greeco/Roman sculptures were knocked down; only to be restored during Renaissance. So a lot of sculptures we see today have broken body parts, like missing arms and legs. Is this true?

Hi. Yes, Ancient Greece used to worship phallic symbols due to their role as fertility symbols. most common was a statue of Hermes with an erect penis, or a phallic statue on its own.
Early Christianity did consider this profane and, as you said, had these symbols abolished and destroyed, until the Renaissance period which looked upon Greek art as perfection. most of the missing parts of certain statues could have been a result of this period in history.


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