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Mythology/Was Poseidon weaker than Zeus?


Dear Mr. Webster,
I've read a many Greek Myths and I am very much into it. Several times I've read that Poseidon was the second most powerful god after Zeus. My question is: was he actually weaker than Zeus? If he was, then in what ways was he weaker than Zeus?

Hi Adwait,

Well, first & foremost you must keep in mind that it was Zeus who saved all his siblings from their father's stomach. very strangely, the Greeks decided it was the youngest of all who was to be the most powerful ruler in their mythology!
In some cases I have found that Zeus was automatically chosen as the new ruler since he was the one who saved his brothers and sisters and who led the war against the old gods. but a more frequent mention is that the brothers played a game in which they were to choose the role of god of the elements air, water and earth. fortune picked Zeus as ruler of the air, Poseidon of the water and Hades of the earth.
as ruler of the air, Zeus chose the most powerful and destructive weapon imaginable, the thunderbolt, exclusively for himself; therefore this might yet be a case in which Poseidon and every other deity was less powerful than Zeus.
I do not think Poseidon was weaker than Zeus in matter of strength, but more in matter of station.

i hope this helps clear your question. if you wish to clarify more, or have more questions, please forward them and i will answer as best to my knowledge as possible :)



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