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some gods are often described as having more than one symbol, does each god have a main symbol or do they use more than one?

I'm the wrong person to ask about symbolism. I pay more attention to the characters and stories in myth that the symbolism. Several of them do have symbols, Zeus was re-presented by the oak tree, eagle and thunderbolt, Poseidon by the horse and trident, Hera by the peacock, Apollo by the crow, etc. but I don't have a full list of these.


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I have done research into gods and goddesses and have written brief descriptions of them. I have attempted to scale out family trees as I have already seen with the Olympian gods. I have tried to condense entire pantheons by attributing extra names or aliases to one deity. I have also made efforts to parallel myths with ancient history. I am not an expert nor do I hold any degrees. I am a self-taught person with a lot of otherwise useless information.


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