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I have been crazy about Greek and Latin mythology and I am sort of a beginner to it although I know quite a lot. But there is something I want to know. I am not sure if vampires fall under greek mythology but I think they do...anyway vampires are catagaurized(can't spell) under clans like Masquerade and Giovani. What I want to know is which clan is the strongest and most dangerous. O yea I almost forgot, one more thing. My second favourite mythological creature is a Gryphon, and I would like to know whether they can consist of any eagle (they are half eagle half horse).

Hi Tanja,

well, the vampires in Greek mythology are not exactly like the ones of Transylvania. The mostly known was Lamia. she was originally a mortal woman who was a lover of Zeus. Hera, Zeus' wife, found out their relations and killed all her children. Lamia in turn swore vengeance on this act and soon became a kidnapper and blood-sucker of children.
there is also a female creature, daughter of the dark goddess Hekate. she would take the shape of a beautiful woman to seduce men, and suck their blood as they slept.
similar to them both were the Striges, female birds of the night who feasted on the blood of children and men alike.

as for the Griffin, it is a creature found in Greek art, but ironically enough is not as common as it is in more oriental countries. the gryphon is derived from the griffin.


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