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Hi there, I'm doing some research about the three Fates, or Morai, as some call them. I'm a writer and I'd like to use the Fates for a story I'm doing. The internet holds very little history about them so I guess I want to know if you could tell me about their presence in mythology/history. Specifically I'm wondering where they live or where their "lair" I guess you could say, is located. Have there been any stories you know of in Greek or Roman mythology in which they had any interaction with mortals or if mortals or heroes ever invaded their "lair" and if so how? Feel free to send me as little or as much information as you would like. Anything helps I would just like to be a bit more informed before I finish writing my story. Thanks!
-Susie L.

The Fates
The Fates  
Hi Susie,

thanks for choosing me to answer your question; which I hope will be what you are looking for...

As you may know they were three women: Clotho the spinner of the thread of life, Lachesis who measured it accordingly, and Atropos who cut it and caused the death of whose life the thread was equivalent to.

They are described as being either daughters of the night-goddess Nyx, or of Zeus and Themis. Personally I prefer the former version for some reason. They were indeed superior to the gods themselves, for even the all-powerful Zeus could not have a say at their decisions! They were rather like supervisors of life rather than determined it, although they did actually determine the end of it. In one such case was when they informed Meleager's mother a week after his birth that her son would die once the wood in the fireplace was burnt completely. she naturally removed it, but put it back in when he grew up and ended killing his uncles.
Unfortunately the Fates/Moirae did not play a very outstanding role in Greek myth, other than the fact that each and every mortal & demi-god died according to when Atropos would cut their thread...
Their place of residence is not given anywhere in my sources, but I would go with the Burne-Jones painting where they seem to reside in a dismal cave, somehow I picture it as a section in the Underworld.

this is what i can say from what you are looking for. but if you think i might be of any more assistance, i would be glad to.




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