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QUESTION: Is mythology a threat to reason and scientific inquiry?

ANSWER: No not at all unless mythology is going to be replacing modern knowledge and reason

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QUESTION: Then does the practice of having myths 'floating around in our head' for example Greek Myths, affect our behavior in a negative way since we are being influenced by something that is not true?

Is there a halfway house in our minds that classify things between truth and reality?

Dear ?

Although this is more of hypothetical question then a mythological I will try to set down my ideas about this.

The myths and other fantastical or untrue things floating around in our heads gives us more structure and ability to test truth and fantasy against.
So no I do not think that untrue things are negative as long as someone understands that the mythical stories (or things from the Catholic bible or any other fantastic source) needs to be seen for what they are and not taken as truth or as rules.

Kind Regards

Frank ter Veen

PS sorry for the late reply


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