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I was wondering if you could provide me with information on SOTER the Greek God of safety as well as any images or pictures of him.


Soter was less than a god in scale. He was the male personification of household safety, married to the goddess Praxidike. No particular myth ever revolved around him; he is simply one of the many spirits who are just named in Greek myth.

Also, gods like Zeus, Athene, Hekate and Poseidon were sometimes also added the title 'soter' after their name- much like a means making them safe-guardians of those who added it to them I suspect.

I couldn't find any images of him- possibly because he is not mentioned much in myths ans therefore not famous enough- but what image i have made up of him is something like a smiliar image to Asclepius: a middle-aged man with full hair & beard wearing a full chiton.

I hope this helps...
I would be glad to answer you any further questions about this subject.



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