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Mythology/What actually happened when Hercules invaded Pylos?


Hello sir,
I've read that Hercules invaded Pylos and killed everyone there. It involved gods I think, but the details are very scant. Can you tell me why Hercules invaded Pylos? Also, what did the gods do during the fight? I would like to know all the details.


Hi Adwait;

To start with, Pylos was the kingdom given to Neleus by his uncle Aphareus after Neleus was expelled from his homeland.
Herakles was not only strong, but very short-tempered! It happened that a certain Iphitos stole Herakles of the hero’s cattle, and the victim of the crime made a victim of the culprit by throwing him off the walls of Tiryns in a fit of mad rage!
Herakles then required to be purified of his blood-shedding act and asked Neleus to do the deed. The king refused, being friend of Eurytus, father of the late Iphitos. This caused yet again for Herakles to become furious and revenged himself by killing all of Neleus’ sons, except Nestor.
From what I understand from my information it seems the killing of Neleus’ sons was all an act of Herakles alone, and no god participated in it. This I wouldn’t find surprising since Herakles was described to be the strongest of all human beings, therefore such an act would not be too difficult for him.
Not very much detail other than this seems to be found in connection with the destruction of Pylos’ princes… I hope you found it useful.
For any other questions on the subject do not hesitate to ask!



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