Hello, I'm writing a book that includes a mix of mythologies and in the first I'm dealing primarily with Norse myths. I have a character who happens to be a missing valkyrie and my main character is trying to locate her, but runs out of leads so she has to resort to calling on a member of the Norse pantheon to find her. I know that Odin and Freyja split the warriors that the valkyries brought them down the middle, so I would think either would be able to locate my missing valkyrie, but so much has been done with Odin in recent years in books, movies, and television that I don't want to use him as a go-to god. My question is, what would be the best way to summon or contact Freyja? I don't want a long meandering quest because this is less of a central plot point and more of a stepping stone to get to the end. I mean, I know that I could have her climb Yggdrasil and get to her that way, but I'd rather have Freyja come down to my character or bring her up to her hall. Either way, can you help me? I can promise that if I do get published, you will receive an acknowledgement in the book. Thank you very much for your help.

Dear Joshua,

apart from being mentioned in the book when it gets published I would of course also need a signed copy of the famed author of the book :)

But here goes,
A few links that you can use maybe to have your hero connect to Freya how is sometimes seen as leader of the valkyries (falsely so as Odin in their leader)

Freya is notoriously greedy so anything of extreme beauty or worth can attract her attention.
Freya has a link with wild boars so maybe your main character can have saved a special one of them or a horde or something like that ?
Perhaps she can hail Freya at a place of special reference to this goddess (she is also a famed fertility goddess)
Perhaps the main character can get to her via one of the dwarfs the Freya needed to sleep with (have sex with) in order to get her fabeled necklace Brinsingamen)
Perhaps your main character could have done something for wild cats who were very special to her
as they are the creatures that are used to pull her wagon

I hope this gives some options as to have to contact Freya

If you need some more do not hesitate to give me another shout over this site

Kind Regards

Frank ter Veen


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