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Mythology/Was it a while after the gods were made up that tales about the gods were made and told?


Hello, Sean. I am a writer, and working on a story. This might be a little confusing, and hard. I was wondering, if the idea of these gods came before their tales. (example, when Zeus punished Prometheus for giving humans fire, Poseidon 'teaching' Odysseus how humans need gods). I'm asking if people were already worshipping these gods, the idea of these gods, before actual tales of what they've done were told. And if so, what was the time between people worshipped the gods and when the tales of what they've done were told?

Hi Zack,

interesting question.
You must understand that if we look at mythology nowadays it seems as though everything was there at the same time.
This was not the case. The belief in more than one god (or Polytheism)was already widely spread during the times when the Greeks started to gain power in the ancient world and also a lot of deities from other beliefs where integrated in Greek mythology

Now with this gradual change in gods and goddesses came a lot of stories from other mythologies or beliefs
For instance the sphinx in the myth of Oedipus is a direct link to Egyptian mythology.

So as the beliefs grew the stories where also passed on from father to son or grandfather to grandson and they got changed and adopted into the new belief.

As another direct link check the myth of philimon and Baukis against the story of Noah's ark

Hope this explained what you were asking

If not do not hesitate to pose another question

Kind Regards



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