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QUESTION: Hello! Could you clarify who the daughters of Asclepius are? I seem to be getting mixed information. Panacea, Hygeia and Meditrine appear in some texts while Panacea, Hygeia, Iaso, Aceso and Aglaea appear in others. Every where I look seems to have its own version of who the daughters were. I am gathering information for a tattoo reference so your input would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.



ANSWER: Hi Hanna,

one thing you should be aware of about Greek myths is that they were originally tales spread by word, and you will meet many such alternative versions as you get into the subject.
Asclepius; god of medicine, son of the sun god Apollo. originally he was a demi-god- meaning a half-god, half-mortal. his wisdom in the art of healing was so great that he managed to raise Hippolytus from the dead after the latter was dragged to death by his horses when they were terrified by a sea monster while he was driving them. Asclepius accepted gold for this favour, but Zeus struck him dead for this. this also being because Hades feared his kingdom would no longer be filled by the dead mortals should Asclepius be kept alive, and therefore he complained to his brother Zeus.
Asclepius wed Epione, goddess of the soothing of pain. it is generally considered he had five girls and three boys from his union with her. the daughters were Panacea (goddess of remedy), Iaso (goddess of recuperation), Hygeia (goddess of cleanliness and hygiene), Aglaļa (goddess of shining brilliance) and Aceso (goddess of the process of healing. a Roman sixth, Meditrina (goddess of health), was added later after the Romans conquered Greece and stole its religion as their own.
there were also three brothers, Telesphorus (demi-god of convalescing), Machaon and Podaleirios, the latter together famed for their surgical knowledge.

i hope this helps- but if you require anything else i will be much more than happy to help. if per chance you might need any design ideas for the tattoo, i may also help out if you like for i draw :)


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QUESTION: Thank you so much Sean! Both for your timely response and a great answer. I would love to see some drawings! It's going on the back of my arm and I'm going for an abstract style so any input would be great.

Thanks again!!



ANSWER: it's a pleasure Hanna; since it's a question i could answer i tend to get excited answering it :) you mean to have all the sisters on this tattoo? and why, may i ask, do they interest you particularly? i ask because 1) it's interesting, and 2) if possible, i might be able to give you other options from within Greek mythology you might want to consider.

thanks for your points too! very much obliged,


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I fell in love with Greek mythology at a young age- reading the stories was like escaping into another, more exciting world. So Greek mythology has always held a special place in my heart. I recently became a nurse and wanted to commemorate the work I put into it and the type of nurse I hope to be. So I thought it would be neat to but some demiGods on my arm and go all out!

- Hanna

that's one hell of a cool idea! are you planning on covering the whole of your back arm, shoulder to wrist? otherwise i would not suggest all 5-6 daughters, at least in full view. i had a tattoo done too a while ago and the tattooist made many modifications since some of the detail was going to be lost which will not show well on a tattoo...


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