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I'm doing a research project on dragons, so I have a series of questions I want to ask you. Even if you only end up answering one (as not all these questions may be relevant to your field), then I will be grateful. Any other comments will also be greatly appreciated.

My main question is: What have dragons represented throughout history?

How has this changed?
What main factors have caused some of the changes?
How has the media’s portrayal of dragons altered our perception?
How has the contrast of dragons in the east and west been reflected in their differing cultures and societies?
How has the symbolism and influence of dragons shaped people’s beliefs, and in turn shaped certain aspects of their lives?

Dear Lillian,

my main specialty is Greek mythology although many others hold my interest as well as many fictional universes (such as D%D&D , Tolkiens, Marvel etc)
My Chinese mythology on the other hand is somewhat underpowered.
Looking at it from a western view a dragon is always put down as an almost insurmountable adversary.
It is described in many fictional universes as being near omnipotent and having ridiculous high intelligence.

Perhaps the change that has taken place in western civilization as viewing dragons is the fact that they were normally only seen as evil and a representation of everything  that is bad.

I hope this has helped you a little bit




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