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QUESTION: how did the greek gods look and what were the limits of their power? how did zeus compared to the others?

apperance and power of typhon if he could touch the stars was he bigger than gaia to?

ANSWER: Hi Bernard,

The Greek gods and goddesses had the same exact appearance as normal human beings, but they were more perfect in looks and beauty. their powers knew no limits, but there were gods who were stronger than others still.
it depends what you mean when comparing Zeus to others... do you mean looks, power...? he had nothing extraordinarily outstanding compared to other deities other than his omnipotent power over the universe and all within; but even he had flaws and rules he must obey!

Typhon (or Typhos) was a gigantic monster with a dragon's head, or human head with dragon's claws/heads, snake tails instead of legs, and eyes which flashed fire. true his fingers/claws may reach up to the stars, and from west to east, but he still was not bigger than Gaea for he resided on her.

i hope this helps, but if you need more info please let me know :)


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QUESTION: thank you for answering my questions when you say he was omnipotent you mean that no other deity even came close to him?
first he had many enemies titans giants and typhon than there was no more major battle does that mean that greek gods have grown in power

to the Greeks thunder was a very powerful force and had its mysteries because they did not have the science to explain how it happens, so this they rightfully gave to the king of their gods to show his ultimate power and mystery; so to an extent omnipotent would mean he had the most powerful of element to handle- so somehow yes, no other god could be compared to Zeus in power.

yes Zeus and his fellow deities went through battles to bring peace and prosper on mount Olympos. the peace which followed was not, i believe, directed towards growth of power but more of a Golden Age which the Greeks were experiencing and therefore attributed this to how their gods reigned on them righteously without turmoil.  


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