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Hello Sean,

My name is Kia and I am doing a research project for my ENGL 102 class. I am wanting to delve deeper into the Gods and Goddesses of the Greeks and the creatures that are tied to some of the main Gods/Goddesses.

1.) What got you interested in ancient Greek mythology?
2.) Have you studied this field in post high school education or is it just a hobby that you have in your personal life?
3.) Can you give some highlights of Greek mythology or things that everyone should know?
4.) How many main Gods and Goddesses are there and what are their names as well as what they are a God/Goddess of?
5.) Are all of the Gods/Goddesses related?
6.) Of the many creatures in Greek mythology, how many are "children" of the main Gods/Goddesses?
7.)What is a fact that very little people know of about Greek mythology or one of the Gods/Goddesses?
8.) Which God/Goddess do you find the most interesting and why?

I thank you for your time and any answers you may have for me.

Hi Kia, I will be glad to help :)

1.) I was first introduced to Greek Mythology when I was following a cartoon series called Tales of the Crypt Keeper, and the episode involved Medusa, which is still my most favourite creature from Greek mythology.

2.)It is just a hobby. I never had any school teaching of the subject, but my interest grew so much that I purchase a lot of material, and still am in fact, which occasionally teaches me something new!

3.) What I think people should know are the certain modern words which are actually derived from Greek mythology such as Atlas, Achilles' heel, aphrodisiac, erotic, panic and more...

4.)the Greeks mention twelve major Olympian Gods:
Zeus: king of gods and mortals; god of thunder and lightning.
Hera: Zeus' sister/wife, goddess of women and childbirth; queen goddess.
Poseidon: brother of Zeus, god of the seas and earthquakes.
Demeter: sister of Zeus, goddess of vegetation and agriculture.
Aphrodite: goddess of love and beauty.
Ares: god of war and bloodshed.
Hephaestus: god of metalwork.
Athene: goddess of wisdom, art and meticulous war.
Hermes: messenger god; god of thieves.
Apollo: god of the sun and medicine.
Artemis: twin of Apollo; goddess of the moon and the hunt.
Dionysus: god of wine and wine-making.

Hestia, sister of Zeus, was goddess of the hearth but gave her place to Dionysus on Olympus. Hades, brother of Zeus and god of death, preferred his realm in the underworld. Another famous god, Eros, was not considered a major Olympian, but played a big part in human life as well.

5.) yes they are. most are siblings and children of each other~ but in the case of Aphrodite, since being born of Uranus and Gaea, was more like Zeus' aunt.

6.)from my knowledge, none of the creatures are children of the gods. the first monsters emerged from Gaia the earth, and then later they started to reproduce with each other to form other creatures and beasts.

7.)in my knowledge, most civilized people know something or other of a particular Greek god or character. when saying Zeus one would immediately think of a thunderbolt, Medusa and snake hair...but naturally few go deeper and gain more facts.

8.)Aphrodite. she is aesthetic perfection and wanted by all...who doesn't like that much attention? :)

i hope these answer your questions. if you wish more info, please send a follow up. i'd be happy to help :)


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